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B.Com Faculty

Sl. No   Name of the faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr.H.M.Mujawar M.Com,Ph.D Principal
3 Prof. V S Bagali M.Com  Associate Professor 
2 Prof.Barthi Hiremath M.Com  HOD
5 Prof. D B Koti M.Com,M.Phil Associate Professor
7   Prof. S G Rodagi M.Com Assistant Professor
8 Prof. I B Chippalakatti M.Com Assistant Professor
10 Prof. S A Patil Physical Director
11 Prof. V S Chikaraddi M.C.A Lecturer
12   Prof. B S Tatuskar M.A in Economics Visiting Lecturer
13 Prof. M B Wali M.Com, MBA, M.Phil Visiting Lecturer
14 Prof. S R Patil Visiting Lecturer
15 Prof. A S Patil M.A in Kannada Visiting Lecturer
16   Prof. S B Gobbur M.Com Visiting Lecturer
17   Prof. D B Hirekurbar M.Com  Visiting Lecturer
18   Prof. Biradar M.A in Hindi  Visiting Lecturer
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